Friday 21.06.2024, 15:52:55

Customs broker Uzhhorod. Zakarpattia Oblast.

We will arrange customs clearance of your freights (goods and vehicles) in the city of Uzhhorod at the customs post «Uzhhorod Central» at the address 111, vul. Telmana, Uzhhorod (3 Skhidna st., Velyki Lazy v., Zakarpattia Oblast, 88001, Ukraine)) as well as in the city of Mukachevo at the customs post "Mukachevo" at 12, Berehivska Obiyizdna str., Mukachevo, Zakarpattia Oblast, 89600, Ukraine.. If you have all the necessary documents we clear your shipments during 24 hrs. Service costs from 800 UAH. You can find a full list of the services following the page «Customs and brokerage services».

We process under any customs mode:

  • import (letting out for free circulation);
  • reimport;
  • export (final coming out);
  • re-export;
  • transit;
  • temporary importing;
  • temporary exporting;
  • customs warehouse;
  • free customs zone;
  • duty free trade;
  • processing within the customs zone;
  • processing outside the customs zone;
  • destruction or destroying;
  • refusal in favor of the state.