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1C + Accounting

Having used our services you're able get the following products of 1C accounting software:

  • 1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine.

    This software has designed for automation of accounting and taxation including preparation of the mandatory (regulated) reporting, organizations engaged in any commercial activity: wholesale and retail trade, commission business (including the subcommission), services, production etc. Accounting and tax records are maintained according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

  • 1C: Enterprise 8. Trade for private entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

    The software «1C: Enterprise 8. Trade for private entrepreneurs in Ukraine» has designed to automate trading activities (wholesale and retail trade, rendering the services) by private entrepreneurs in Ukraine working on a uniform and fixed tax.

  • 1C: Enterprise 8. Retail in Ukraine.

    The program is designed to automate the business processes of retail outlets (stores), both for independent and entering into the distributed retail network. «1C: Enterprise 8. Retail in Ukraine» allows to automate the accounting of inventory in shop warehouses and the accounting of money in cash desks of shops.

  • 1C: Enterprise 8. Trading company management in Ukraine.

    The configuration «1C: Enterprise 8. Retail in Ukraine» is a comprehensive solution that automates the task of managing and accounting for enterprises engaged in any commercial activity. It allows you to automate the tasks for operational, administrative, accounting and tax, accounting, personnel and payroll processing, analysis and planning, trading, preparing mandatory (regulated) reporting, thereby ensuring efficient management of modern commercial enterprise.

  • 1C: Salary and HR management 8.

    «Salary and HR management 8» is a wholesale application software for complex automation of calculation of the salary and realization of the personnel policy for the enterprises and the organizations. It has been successfully used in human resources services and accounting as well as other divisions which tasks include the organization of effective work of the staff. This is ready to use solution where the legal requirements and the real practice of enterprises and world trends in development methods of motivation and management are considered.

  • 1C: Manufacturing enterprise management 8.

    «1C: Manufacturing enterprise management 8» is an integrated application solutions covering the basic contours of management and accounting of the manufacturing enterprise. The solution allows to set the comprehensive information system relevant to corporate, russian and international standards and provides business activity of the enterprise. The applied solution creates a common information space for displaying financial and economic activities of the enterprise covering the basic business processes. At the same time access to stored data as well as possibilities of certain actions depending on the worker status is accurately differentiated.

  • 1C: Enterprise 8 Trade Management.

    «1С: Enterprise 8 Trade Management8» is an integrated application solution that solves managerial and operational accounting problems, analysis and planning; automates trading, financial and warehousing operations; provides a modern level for the enterprise management. This application provides automation of the enterprise activity for the following circuits: supplying and stock management trading operations; CRM; planning; cash management; intelligent data analysis. "1С: Enterprise 8 Trade Management" is a modern tool for improving the efficiency of business of a trading company.

  • 1С: Enterprise 8. Accounting of an agricultural enterprise for Ukraine.

    The software product «1С: Enterprise 8. Accounting of an agricultural enterprise for Ukraine» is the expanded functionality of the typical solution «1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine» and contains functions caused by the management and accounting peculiarities for the agricultural organizations. The software product «1С Enterprise 8. Accounting of an agricultural enterprise for Ukraine» is intended for automation of accounting and tax accounting at agricultural enterprises: - Various types of activity: plant growing, animal husbandry, poultry farming, processing of the agricultural products, wholesale and retail trade in products of agricultural production and others; - Various scale: enterprises from several tens to several thousand people, including in companies with branch structure and agroholdings - Within companies with any system of taxation, accounting and tax accounting of major operations.

We 'll provide services for installing and setup ones for the specific user and its training how to work with these software products. Selling and installing other configurations of the 1C is available as well.

We offer following services:

  • Consulting on tax issues (taxation system selection, optimization)
  • Consulting services in the field of accounting
  • Carrying out control and conduct an analysis of accounting in your company.
  • Getting advice when choosing the configuration 1C: Enterprise, selecting the most optimal for your business.

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